Parametric Architecture

Parametric architecture is defined as that design process that is based on a scheme of algorithms, which allows addressing parameters and rules that define and organize the existing relationship between the design requirements and a final design product of this process.

Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) is an architectural firm that works internationally, with projects under development and construction all over the world, and is the leading representative of parametric architecture.

A fundamental concern of ZHA has been the exploration of complex geometries, their representation and their materialization into physical forms through built projects, these design aspirations require considerable computer skills beyond CAD or 3D.

ZHA's team of architects have a knowledge base in CAD-BIM (Revit), 3D parametric modeling (Maya, Rhinoceros Grasshopper and Digital Project), scripting (Visual Basic, Maya Embedded Language, C++ in Maya) and digital coordination in the construction process of projects.

For all the above mentioned, we should bet on giving workshops of these tools in universities, apart from a Revit course, which is very good, but it would be better if we students could have conferences, workshops, workshops, seminars, webinars, etc, of these new technologies.

It is known that the school of architecture does not bet on new trends or technologies, but rather on a very technical base, which is fine, but we cannot ignore that these are all tools, and the more tools we have, the better.

We must accept that the architectural profession has changed and we have to change with it. Whoever pretends to think that the architect only does architecture I think he is wrong, we are suffering for quite some time an overlapping of fields of application, where digital tools are the currency of change. We should take advantage of the fact that the architect has that multitasking quality that other careers do not have and catch the wave now when we are on time.